From humble beginnings in 2009 when we wrote our first ever iPhone application, we are now slowly increasing our presence in Hampton Roads area. Catch Productions is a start-up with BIG dreams. A small venture started out of garage, we now have a descent size working place and growing in numbers.

What we do ?
Lets talk some work now. We at Catch Productions specialize in developing smart phone applications. Apart from smart phone application development, we carry out software development in general, may it be web applications (B2B, B2C), Desktop (PC / Mac) applications or database centric applications. We deliver high quality software solutions keeping costs under control helping companies to significantly increase revenues, productivity and over all efficiency.

What's in for you ?
We focus on your requirements and work with you one-on-one basis. We usually like to educate you based on requirements. Sometimes customers are looking for more than what is required or may be they do not really know their own requirements. Our business analysts work hard with you during data and requirements gathering process. They come up with functional specifications and work with our technical team to convert them over to technical specifications. Writing software for a well rounded project plan is then just 10% of the entire effort.

Happy so far ?
Hire us, catch us to produce you next project !